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About us

We are FOLK SERVICES, Human Resources Solutions, a company that was born in August 2018 to serve the national market of micro, small and medium-sized companies, which currently require a lot of formalization for the administration of processes in the areas of human resources ( HR).


The service internationally known as Payroll is a new trend in the area of outsourcing and arises as support for companies and SMEs that do not have the structure, assistance or funds to have a permanent staff that is exclusively in charge of human resources tasks, since it is a high cost for them, that is why we offer this service at a much lower cost.

We are dedicated to the administration of Human Resources, offering a professional and extremely reliable service so that our clients can focus on their business and leave the administration of their personnel to us.


To start the service, we carry out a survey of the current situation of the company, presenting an action plan containing the tasks to be carried out, then we carry out training for the owners or administrators on labor legislation and, finally, the implementation of the plan. of action and implementation of all the formats to be used and with the fine-tuning of the Rhoft software where the client can access all the data of their personnel.


The benefits of accessing our service are, first of all, saving money and time, personnel cost control, risk reduction, updated and consolidated information in a top-level software, stay up to date with new IPS and MTESS provisions and obligations.

In addition to the Payroll service, we perform: annual and monthly payroll preparation services for the MTESS, opening and start-up of employer en MTESS and IPS, payroll outsourcing (personnel outsourcing), for companies that require have outsourced personnel working for them without them being on their payroll y they seek to pay a fixed monthly service including social charges. 


We have clients of different sizes and sectors who trust our service, some of them are: PRO Arquitectos, La OMA Catering Service, Ña Eustaquia, La HUERTA, Burmei, Agropecuaria Cuatro Vientos among others.


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