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Payroll - Employees Administration

Employees administration

We start the service with a survey of the current situation of the company, presenting an action plan containing the tasks to be carried out, then we carry out training for the owners or administrators of the business on labor legislation and, finally, the implementation of the plan of action and implementation of all formats such as personnel records, employment contracts, payroll, IPS, MTESS, vacations, among others. All the information of the client's personnel is housed in an HR software specially designed for it. 

Monthly we take care of: 

  • Updating and preparation of employment contracts

  • Administration of personnel files

  • Calculation y  salary receipts

  • Form and communications to IPS and MTESS

  • Calculations of final settlements of salaries

  • Control and administration of vacations


This service is aimed at clients of the type: 

  • Companies of all sizes

  • SMEs

  • Unipersonal businesses

  • Overseas employees 

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